Frequently Asked Questions



   Q:  How long after I place my order will the shoes be complete?

   A:  Our average turn around time is about 3 weeks or less unless you are notified otherwise when the order is placed.

   Q: What brand of shoes do you use?

   A:  We use our own brand of shoes, Y. Jaiselle.

   Q:  Are the shoes true to size?

   A:  The shoes are very true to size however if you happen to have special circumstances or have a concern please send us a                  message at .

   Q:  Can I send my own shoe to be done?

   A:  Yes you can.  The shoe must be clean and disinfected and have a smooth surface.  The shoes can be any material except   patent leather.  For glass shoes the shoes must be a leather-like material, no suede or silk.  When you send your own shoe, $25 will be taken off of the total price.


   Q:  What is the difference between CrystalAX, Preciosa and Swarovski crystal?

   A: The difference is the shine.  CrystalAX has a high amount of shine to it for a mid level price.  Preciosa is slightly shinier because of the amount of cuts on the stone.  Swarovski crystal is the best of the best.  They are extremely shiny and a lot more expensive.

   Q:  What determines the price of the shoes?

   A: All prices are based on the size of the shoe, the materials used, the type of crystal you choose as well as the color and the amount of labor it will take to make that specific design.  Larger sizes and shoes like wedges can require as much as double the amount of materials as pump in sizes 6-9 so the cost of those shoes are higher.

   Q: What if I would like a custom design that is not on your website?
   A: If you would like a custom design that is not available on our website you can contact directly   to discuss the details.

   Q: Do you still take half payments?

   A:  Yes we do.  If you order from the website, you must make the payment in full.  If you would like to pay a deposit of half up front and the remainder when they are complete then you can contact for payment information.

   Q:  What if I need my shoes quicker than the 3 week time frame?

   A:  Contact to discuss the possibility, however all rush orders will cost an additional $150.


   Q:  How long will my shoes take to arrive once they are shipped?

   A:  We use USPS Priority mail.  Once the shoes are complete, the shipping time is 2-3 days domestic and 6-10 days for international.

   Q: Can you provide overnight shipping ?

   A: Yes we can but that has to be discussed with a member of our staff through

   Q: Where are you located?

   A: We are located in Los Angeles , California.

Refunds and Exchanges


   Q: Do you give refunds?

   A: There are no refunds due to the fact that each pair is specifically hand made for each individual buyer. The shoes are very expensive to buy because they are very expensive to make.   If you pay a deposit or pay in full you can only be refunded if materials for your specific pair have not been purchased yet.  Once they are purchased, no refund can be given.  Materials are usually purchased for each pair within two days of the original sale. All sales are final.

   Q: Do you accept exchanges?

   A: Under normal circumstances we do not accept exchanges.  There is no inventory of shoes that is already in stock to replace them with.  Shoes are only made when you order them.  It is very important to be very sure of your size and your choices as well as design concept.

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